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Small business can be heard in a noisy marketplace. John and Kate Stellar share how to get noticed now in Ready, Aim, Captivate!

John Stellar was originally a broadcast journalist with NBC News. John has worked as a public relations professional since 1993. He has worked in and around the media since graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno.

A native of Southern California, John utilizes a very personalized, grass roots, and organic approach to lead the company and succeed at gaining just the right media exposure and connecting all the right dots. One client branded him the “Unpublicist”, which only comes from years of life experience, confidence, and intuitive gifts. John’s enthusiasm and passion speaks volumes for how he operates in business and life.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, and originally a talent agent and progressive talent manager, Kate Romero-Stellar has nearly three decades of experience in the entertainment industry. She brings her eye for talent, her Master Sorter skills, and natural born PR talent to Stellar. As an example of Kate’s ability to connect all the right dots, at age nine, she drew a picture with crayons of a postage stamp on an envelope to send away for Dr. Seuss books. The entire library of books showed up special delivery a few days later.

Kate’s passion to launch budding and well-known visionary products and people adds just the right energy to Stellar. As Vice President at Stellar, Kate also manages PR and media projects for personal growth, retail, and film festival clients, including, but not limited to, strategy development implantation; client coverage in print, electronic, and broadcast media; art direction on client photo shoots; Web site project management; marketing research; writing, editing, and placement of press releases, as well as ongoing business development and client management.

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