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Ready, Aim, Captivate! #1 Bestseller, Reveals Essential Secrets on Achieving Purpose, Passion and Profit in Troubled Times

Front Cover Viki Best Seller Dec 16 - Copy“Life in the 21st century is demanding to say the least. While we enjoy more technological advances now than at any other time in human history, we also face mind-boggling challenges that our grandparents wouldn’t even have dreamed of, and deal with unique problems that didn’t exist just 10 years ago.” says Viki Winterton, Expert Insights Best-selling Publisher

Ready, Aim Captivate! Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future — the most recent in the series of #1 Best-selling books from Expert Insights Publishing — is an incredible resource for readers looking for support and encouragement to achieve business and personal success in today’s unpredictable world.

An inspirational collection of interviews with prominent authors, visionaries and global industry leaders including world class personal growth gurus Deepak Chopra and Ran Zilca, Ready, Aim Captivate! features the voices of the people who have pushed the boundaries, broken the “rules” and changed the game to get their message out into the world.

These honest, insightful questions and answers reveal how every one of these men and women faced multiple personal and professional challenges with courage and resilience to rise to the top of their fields.
The valuable nuggets of wisdom in this book come from a range of experts including:

• Natalie Ledwell. Ledwell is a Law of Attraction evangelist. She positively impacts the lives of thousands of people around the world every day by helping them create a personal digital vision board or Mind Movie to invoke the principles of the Law of Attraction.

• Jim Stovall. Stovall is the best-Selling author of 15 books and President of the Emmy-Award Winning Narrative Television Network. He is visually impaired but it didn’t stop him from becoming a champion Olympic weightlifter. Stovall recently joined Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan and Mother Teresa as a recipient of the International Humanitarian of the Year award.

• Dan Janal. Janal is President and Founder of PR Leads Plus, a public relations service that helps authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and small businesses get more visibility and credibility, so they can achieve greater success with greater ease.

With hundreds of essential insights from trusted professionals who have overcome great obstacles to achieve success, Ready, Aim Captivate! will motivate and guide everyone who reads it to speak up and share their unique message with the world.

It is a book that will help readers identify their personal calling and claim a fulfilling life of passion and purpose.
Contact: Viki Winterton
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Award-winning book series interviews Terry Zweifel for new release, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Terry Z
Terry Zweifel is a leading expert in innovative aerospace design for major defense and commercial aircraft, including Lockheed Skunk Works on the SR-71 and programs with NASA.

He was Chief Engineer for a major aviation company and a Senior Engineering Fellow with Honeywell. With twenty-three patents to his credit, Terry has led teams and spearheaded some of the major programs that are making air travel safer for the world.

He is also a creative artist whose work has been featured in major publications and books.

Terry’s passion lies in fostering talent on the rise to greatness.


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Viki Winterton, Founder of Expert Insights Publishing, interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Viki Winterton is the founder of Expert Insights Publishing, home of best-selling and award-winning books and magazines, where visionaries and those on the rise come together to create immediate impact.

Expert Insights Publishing is built on the solid foundation of over 25 years of expertise in promotion, publishing, product development, networking, and success.

Fortune 100 companies and individuals across the globe know Viki for fostering powerful and loyal relationships and supporting her communities in wildly creative, unique, and wonderful ways.

Viki is also an award-winning author, founder of Write Now! broadcast and Write Away, Write Now!, the global community where writers find everything they need at each stage of their journey!

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Expert Michele PW interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Michele PW, also known as Michele Pariza Wacek is considered one of the hottest marketing strategists today.

Michele PW has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results.

She is the owner and founder of Michele PW Creative Concepts and Copywriting, LLC, which is a premiere international direct response copywriting and marketing company.

She is also a national speaker and author.  Her client list reads like the Who’s Who list of internet marketing.


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Award-winning book series interviews Shiri Pollack for new release, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Shiri Pollack, Ph.D. is a transformational coach facilitating writers, as well as others, on their creative journey toward expressing their creativity and dreams.

Drawing from years of experience as a sociologist, university lecturer, healer, marriage, family and child counselor, and wellness coach to both organizations and individuals, she brings a unique perspective to her coaching and writing.

She has taught and given presentations and workshops on personal transformation, creativity and wellness at the University of Hawaii, Hilo University of New Mexico, Taos, and the University of Arizona.


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Patty Tanji interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

For over a decade, Patty Tanji has worked to ensure strong pay equity laws in the U.S. and in the state of Minnesota.

She received the Woman of Distinction Award from Century College and the Dreamers and Doers Award from the Minnesota Women’s Consortium for her work on economic justice and public policy while leading the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota.

Patty earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota. Women in Corporate America: Barriers and Breakthroughs on the Way to the Board Room was her Master’s thesis.

Her corporate work includes business systems development and management consulting.

Her passion is for social justice and her vision is for a world that works for everyone.

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Sergio Bello offers communication solutions for our financial woes in new book Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Sergio Bello is also known as a Communications Climatologist or Communicatologist!

Sergio is the father of 2 children, both with cerebral palsy and both continuously at death’s door. Thanks to the help of God, his wife of 30 years and the 4 words they live by, he has been able to live a very happy and successful life.

In 2007, after political unrest brought the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, to bankruptcy, Sergio was appointed President of the Association of Hoteliers for the State.  He was the architect of a miraculous recovery. He achieved amazing results by persuading the government, the private sector and society to work together thanks to his extraordinary communications, knowledge and abilities.

He creates a communications climate for personal or business settings in order to avoid conflicts, reduce costs, improve creativity and increase profits.

Discover more about Ready, Aim, Captivate! at

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Regina Ozoemela interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Regina Ozoemela was born in Nigeria, West Africa. Regina had 3 children in her late teens before getting her high school diploma. She migrated to the U.S. as an exchange student and completed the 12th grade with honors. Regina then attended Southern New Hampshire University, majoring in General Management and went on to get her Masters in Business Administration degree.

Regina knew that when she migrated to the US it was to search for a better life and she was motivated to succeed. Although she has had many difficulties in her life, she did not let that discourage her from setting goals and going on to accomplish them.

Regina wants to inspire others with her story of trials, tribulations, survival and triumph; and she wants to show others that by setting goals, remaining focused and knowing that no matter what, she did not stop until she accomplished her goals.

Today, Regina is an entrepreneur with an online store, a business coach, and she is learning about real estate investing.

Discover more about Ready, Aim, Captivate! at

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Expert Priscilla Nelson interviewed new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Priscilla Nelson is an accomplished consultant and executive coach with more than 30 years experience in leading through learning and development.

Priscilla is an inspiring speaker who has led sessions and keynotes across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. While living in India, Priscilla was recognized by India Women in Leadership with the Women’s Choice Award for her outstanding leadership and she received the IT People Award for her work in global diversity.

Priscilla has worked with notable organizations including Glaxo SmithKline, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Emergent BioSolutions, Harvard Business Publishing, Deloitte, IBM, AT &T, Rollins College, Titan Corporation and the U.S. Government.

She holds multiple certifications as a professional executive coach and is lead author of Riding the Tiger, Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times.

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Best-selling book series interviews Expert Nicola Grace for new release, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

“From cancer” to “saving an industry”, Mission Mentor, Visionary, Inspirational Author/Speaker Nicola Grace, educates change agents, and purpose driven individuals and organizations on how to integrate ‘Strategy with Spirit’ to achieve their mission to make a difference.

As an award-winning spokeswoman, Nicola implemented her 10 Step Master Plan for an industry facing collapse and achieved the impossible, won an award for her work and made history.

Nicola has been teaching programs of transformation and facilitating expanded awareness on the international stage for 20 years. She wrote her first book at thirty, has owned several businesses and currently sits on the Board of Advisors for a not-for-profit she founded.

She is also an active humanitarian with a vision for the elevation of humanity. Visit to receive “Strategy with Spirit” Nuggets and Nicola’s FREE Mini-Course, “Discover Why You are Here.”

Discover more about Ready, Aim, Captivate! at

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