Expert Stacey Chadwell interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

27 Nov

We all have trials we face in life, and some of us have more than others.  Stacey Chadwell has been blessed with being able to offer hope to others.

For as long as Stacey can remember, even as a young girl, she always had complete strangers tell her their current painful stories.  Everywhere Stacey went, unbidden, people would share their dark stories.  Almost always, somewhere in the conversation they would say, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this,” or, “I’ve never shared this with a customer before.”

It’s gotten to the point that Stacey’s daughters are used to waiting for her to go through these conversations, whether it’s in line at convenience store or in the middle of the grocery store.

Stacey never understood why, until her daughter said, “Mom, I think all these people talk to you because you offer hope.”

Stacey has always known how important it is to give hope to others.  Stacey, herself has faced some important journeys of her own so she could learn how vital helping someone by giving them hope is.  Most do not know how to share this message with someone in pain, and Stacey wants to help them find a way to do that.

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