Expert Juracy Johnson interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

28 Oct

Juracy Johnson is an expert in self-growth. She has studies in Life Coaching, Holistic Coaching, NLP, and is currently studying Business Coaching to help others develop their full potential.

A National and International Workshop Leader from Mexico with an MSc in seismology and a passion for life and self-discovery, Juracy is the author of more than one hundred scientific and self-help articles.

As a cancer survivor since 1993, Juracy made a choice: She absolutely refused to be a victim. She loves life and is grateful for the support she received from her husband, family, and friends during that difficult time. Juracy loves people, and helping them reach their dreams is one of her goals.

She coaches and offers workshops in Mexico and Latin America. She also participates in conferences regarding natural hazards all over the world. She is the Founder of Mujeres Con Propósito (Women With a Purpose). She has been offering workshops and coaching services since 2003.

Juracy has a passion for helping people overcome their challenges and guiding them into having a joyful life.

Currently, Juracy is a coach, a professor at the State’s University, and also a caregiver to her husband who sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1999.

In Mexico, there are no support groups for caregivers of adults with brain injuries, so Juracy is starting a foundation. Her husband has Juracy to love and support him, but not everyone has the same opportunity. Caregiving is the hardest and most rewarding role of her life. She believes we can all be survivors instead of victims no matter how hard the situation.

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