Brynn Burger interviewed for new book in the award-winning series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

22 Oct

Born in a small town in Central Ohio, Brynn Burger has since lived in several states, in the Dominican Republic, and has also spent short trips in Haiti and Honduras.  All of the traveling and moving has been driven by her desire to share her faith and spread her message, while educating corporate, school and civic groups about equality for people with disabilities and youth at-risk.

She has been motivated by her aunt’s inspiring story after developing a disability in her 30s, overcoming the judgments and stereotypes that came with it, and still choosing to live—all while volunteering, serving others and making people laugh along the way.  Brynn has carried her aunt’s message of hope to a population that most would consider ‘unlovable’.  At only 16, she began working at camps for people with disabilities and youth at-risk.  She has since worked for nonprofit organizations and camps serving these populations for over 14 years, across three states.

With her degree from Cincinnati Christian University, Brynn began writing and editing straight out of college.  At only 30, she has had her writing published and has edited over 20 books and youth programs—some winning literary awards of excellence and becoming Amazon best-sellers.  She hopes to continue finding opportunities to write and speak in order to educate people and touch lives with this important message.  Her dream is to one day start a camp serving people with disabilities and youth at-risk.

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