Small business can be heard in a noisy marketplace! Michael Houlihan shares how to get noticed now in Ready, Aim, Captivate!

10 Oct

Michael Houlihan is a serial entrepreneur, industry reformer, and brand builder.  He helps small and medium-size businesses build their brands and achieve profitability. He offers extensive experience from demonstrated success.

With no money and no knowledge of the industry, Michael started and built the famous Barefoot Wine brand. He developed an international brand with the most recognizable label in the wine industry.  Barefoot was the most awarded wine for its quality and price.

Michael earned the industry’s top sales awards, including “Trend Setter”, “Fast Track Growth Brand” and “Hot Brand” for sales and growth in 2003 and 2004 – all without advertising. He used support for non-profits as his primary source of marketing. In 2005, he successfully sold the brand to E & J Gallo.  He worked for them for a year as a business consultant to help them with brand integration and to maintain its entrepreneurial character, quality and worthy cause marketing program. Barefoot is now the #1 selling wine brand in the country.

Using out-of-the-box thinking, pay-for-performance, positive culture, channel distribution management, and “Worthy Cause Marketing,” he took the Barefoot Wine brand from obscurity to a National and International Best Selling American wine icon.

As a keynote speaker, author and consultant, Michael is focused on the proven business and marketing principles responsible for growing the famous Barefoot Wine Brand. He now shares his winning business philosophies to maximize brand equity by improving image, customer retention, and distribution, while reducing turnover, overhead and the impact of competition.

Michael is a partner with Martin Jones in wine country business consulting firm assisting small and medium-size businesses to develop their brands, become more efficient, and achieve profitability.

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