Expert Antoinetta Vogels interviewed for new book in the best-selling series, Ready, Aim, Captivate!

04 Oct

Antoinetta Vogels is an author and workshop leader who was born in 1947 post World War II Holland.  She has lived in the U.S. for 17 years, of which eight have been in the Seattle, Washington area.  For 18 years, she played the bassoon professionally for several acclaimed classical orchestras in The Netherlands, before starting a family.

While she looked forward to becoming a mother to her lovely daughter, followed by another lovely daughter, having her first child also marked a starting point of severe insomnia.  After trying to get back to normal sleep patterns by following well-meant advice, she gradually embarked upon an inner journey to figure out what was the underlying cause of this predicament that would end up plaguing her for over 25 years.

Through continuous introspection and self-observation, she identified behavior patterns that ultimately lead to developing her sense of self-theory.  Her mission is to share how healthy sense of self is a critical asset for every individual and for the world at large, and for world peace.

Antoinetta offers educational techniques to restore one’s sense of self.  Antoinetta states that “A healthy sense of self is the backbone to the human psyche.  Without it, a person skips his or her own life altogether.”

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